The pure lead prepared as lead tetroxide.

Powder, orange-yellow or orange-red, dull, opaque, smooth, fme; not melted in water. Acfid and salty in taste, slightly cold in nature, toxic, and attributive to heart and liver channels.

1. Clear away toxic material, alleviate itching, astringe exudation and promote tissue regeneration (external use): For scabies, pustulosis, urhealed lesion, burn, etc., usually mixed with honey for external use.
2. Prevent recurrence of malaria: For malaria, used together with Herba Artemisiae Annuae or Radix Dichroae.

Pharmacological Action
It chiefly contains Pb304 or 2PbO. PbO2. It is a bactericide and parasiticide, and inhibits the secretion of mucosa.

Pill: 0.3-0.6g.
External use: Prepared as plaster by mixing with heated vegetable oil.


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