Theories and Concepts
of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Development and History of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Dialectical Outlook in the Theoretical System of TCM
  • The Holistic Concept

Philosophical Concepts and Their Influence on TCM

Visceral Organs and Their Connection with Nature
  • The five Zang Organs
  • The five Fu Organs
  • The Extraordinary Organs
  • Relations Between Zang and Fu Organs.

Substances Constituting the Human Body: Qi, Blood
and Body Fluids

The Passageways Connecting the Interior and the Exterior of
the Human Body: Channnels

  • Channels and Colletorals Theory

Pathogenic Factors in Chinese Medicine Theory

  • Pathogenic Factors

The Occurrence, Changs and Development in TCM

  • Occurrence of Disease
  • Pathogenesis
  • Points for Clarification

Diagnostic Techniques

  • Inspection
  • Auscultation-olfaction
  • Inquiry
  • Feeling Pulse
  • Inspect Finger Nail, Teeth Print Upon Togue and Inner Cheek
  • Feel the Ear and Gastral Cavity and Naval Region.

Eight Guiding Principles for Diagnosis

  • Exterior and Interior
  • Cold and Heat
  • Deficiency and Excess
  • Yin and Yang

Identification of Syndromes According to Zang-Fu Reaction



Disease Prevention and Treatment Principles

  • Disease Prevention
  • Therapeutic Principles

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