Herba Cissampelotis


Herb of CLssampelos pareira L. var. hirsuta (Buch. ex DC.) Froman, family Menispermaeeae.

A herbaceous vine, several meters high; the whole plant covered by yellow-white down, grey-yellow-brown when dried. Root flatterete, curved, about 1 cm rn diameter, with wrinkles and fibrous root scars. Stolon terete, with enlarged nodes on which with fibrous roots and scars remained, and with twisted, longitudinal striae on the internodes; climbing stem small and branching. Leaves alternate, blades flat- cardioid, 2-8 cm in diameter, apex retuse and cuspidate. Flowers rare. Sweet and bitter in taste, warm in nature.

1. Relax the muscles: Intravenous injection of cissampareine II as muscle relaxant for restoration of fracture.
2. Alleviate pain: For trauma and rheumatism.

Pharmacological Action
1. Its component cissampareine can block the autonomic ganglia, release histamine to cause hypotension.
2. Relaxing stfiated muscles.
3. Exerting cardiotonic effect on rabbits and frogs in vitro.
4. Stimulating the ileum of guinea-pigs in vitro.
5. Inhibiting the cells of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in vitro.

Administration Decoction: 9-15g.
External use: Appropriate amount. Cissampareine II ampoule: 0.25-0.4 mg/kg IV.

Over-dosage of cissampareine II may cause respiratory failure, or even apnea.


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