Radix Ephedrae


Root of Ephedra sinica Stapf and E. intermedia Schrenk et C.A. Mey., family Ephedraceae.

Root terete, slightly curved, 825 cm long, 0.5-1.5 cm in diameter. Cortex surface grey-brown, coarse, easily separated, with longitudinal wrinkles and fibrous root scars; apex sometimes with remained stem base. Cross section showing radial marks. Sweet in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to heart and lung channels.

Arrest sweating: For spontaneous perspiration, usually used together with Radix Astragali seu Hedysari and Radix Angelicae Sinensis; for night sweat, usually used together with Os Draconi. Concha Ostreae and Radix Rehmanniae; for postpartum sweating, prepared as powder with Concha Ostrae for extemal use.

Pharmacological Action
1. Its extract and its components ephedradme A, B, C and ephedrannin A exert a hypotensive effect and cause peripheral vasodilatation.
2. Inducing muscular contraction of intestines and uterus.

Administration Decoction: 3-10g.
Extemal use: Appropriate amount.


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