Aluminium potassium sulfate crystals prepared from alum stone of trigonal system or other aluminous ores.

Irregular pieces or granules, unequal in size, colourless or yellow-white, semi-opaque to transparent. Surface irregularly depressed or slightly flat and smooth, with fine, dense and longitudinal ridges, bright as glass. Hard and brittle in texture. Sour in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to lung, large intestine and liver channels.

1. Astringe the intestine and relieve diarrhea: For prolonged diarrhea, used with Fructus Chebukie together.
2. Astringe and stop bleeding, hemoptysis and bleeding from the gum (both internal and external use).
3. Decrease exudation, relieve itching, clear away toxic material and kill parasite: For burn, mixed with Borneolum Syntheticum and water for topical use: for skin infection, mixed with Realgar and tea for local application; for scabies and tinea, used together with Sulfur and Borneolum Syntheticum; for aphthae and suppurative ostitis media, used together with Borneolum Syntheticum and Borai; for eczema, 1% Alumen solution used as local compress.
4. Expel wind and eliminate phlegm: For apoplexy and epilepsy, used with Radix Gurcumae together. In addition, also used for hyperlipemia. Topical injection for mixture of 3-10% Alumen solution and 2% novocain may be used for prolapse of rectum, prolapse of uterus and hemorrhoids.

Pharmacological Action
1. Leading to vomiting because of its irritation on gastric mucosa after oral administration. It is not absorbed in the intestines, but it inhibits the secretion of intestinal mucosa and exerts an anti-diarrheal effect.
2. Its solution in low concentration exerts anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic effects.

Administration Decoction: 1.5-3.0g.


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