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Product ID: RM092
Product Name:
Biota Seed Heart Quieting Pill

biota seed, astragalus root, poria, spiny jujube kernel, cinnabar
Action and Indication:
Supplement vital energy, nourish blood, tranquilize the mind. Used for treating insomnia, heart palpitation, poor memory, profuse dreaming, heart qi vacuity and coldness.

Quantity: 10 pills, 9g per pill
Dosage: 1 pill each time, two times daily.
Price: US$5.86
    Product ID: RM122
Product Name:

Cinnabar Mind Tranquilizing Pill

cinnabar, coptis root, etc.
Action and Indication:
Clear the heart and nourish blood, settle fright and quiet the spirit. Used for treating heat vexation in the chest, heart palpitation and vexation, insomnia and profuse dreaming.
Quantity: 10 pills, 9 grams per pill
Dosage: 1 pill each time, one or two times daily
Price: US$5.80
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