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Product ID: RM092
Product Name:
Biota Seed Heart Quieting Pill

Angelicae Sinensis Radix, Ligustici Rhizoma, Paeoniae Radix Alba, Carthami Flos, Radix Ginseng, Schisandrae Fructus, Nux Vomicae Semen, Arisaematis Rhizoma, etc.
Action and Indication:
Quicken the blood and disperse the stasis, transform the stasis and free the vessel network, move qi and relieve the pain. Used for treating stroke, hypertonicity, numbness, deviated eyes and mouth, deranged speech, which is caused by blood stasis or flowing phlegm lodged in the channels.
Dosage: 48 through 50 granules each time, two times daily. Continue taking 10 days and stop one day, then repeat. For prevention please take 24 to 25 granules each time, two times daily.
Price: US$15.27
    Product ID: RM085
Product Name:

Shy- Recovering Pill

Ginseng, Daemonoropis Draconis Resina, Agkistrodon, Moschus, Bovis Bezoar, etc. Altogether 62 kinds.
Action and Indication:
Dispel wind and disinhibit cold, rectify qi and transform phlegm,free the channels and quicken the network vessels. Used for treating stroke, wind-like stroke, hemiplegia, deviated eyes and mouth, deranged speech. Also used for treating cold stroke, phlegm stroke, wind stroke and such like.
Quantity: 6 pills.
Dosage: One pill each time, one or two times every day. Taken with warm yellow rice wine or warm boiled water.
Warning: Contraindication in pregnancy
Price: US$19.21
    Product ID: RM067
Product Name:

Wind Coursing and Health Rehabilitating Pill

Agkistrodon, Ginseng, Notoginseng Radix, Santali Lignum, etc. Altogether 46 kinds.
Action and Indication:
Soothe the sinews and quicken the blood, dispel stasis and free vessel network. Used for treating hemiplegia, numb limbs, deviated eyes and mouth, sinew and bone hypertonicity, inhibited bending and stretching, wind-cold impediment.
Quantity: 10 pills. 10 grams per pill
Dosage: One pill each time, two times daily.
Precaution: Contraindication in pregnancy
Price: US$22.56

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