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999 Wei-Tai Granule

Folium et Ranulus Euodiae Leptae, Folium at Cacumen Murragee, Radix PaeoniaeAlba, Radix Rehmannia, Radix Saussureue Lappe.

Diminish inflammation and stop pain in the stomachache. Regulate and strengthen the gastric function

Various chronic gastritis e.g. Superficial gastritis, erosional gastritis, atrophic gastritis, etc.,.
Pharmacological action:
1) It protects the gastric mucosa by absorbing and inhibiting the activity of pepsin
2) It regulates the gastro-intestinal activity and shows antibacterial, local anti-inflammatory hemostatic and analyesic actions.
3) It strengthens the tissue repair and the immunoregulation mechanisms by the action of improving microcirculation and accelerating the synthetic metabolism of the nucleoprotein and RNA.
4) Neither tonix nor side effects have need observed.
Taken after it dissolves in boiled water. Once in the morning, once in the evening.

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Granule for Qi Stagnation and Stomachache

Granule for Qi Stagnation and Stomachache offer a way for cure of stomachache due to vital energy stagnation. It has been chosen by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a standby Chinese patent medicine for first-aid department in Chinese medicine institutes.
Radix Bupleuri, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Fructus Aurantis
Calm the liver and regulate the circulation of qi, alleviate the stomachache. Also for treatment of qi stagnation in liver, feeling stuffiness in the chest.
9 bags per package. 5 grams per bag

5 grams, three times daily. Taken after it dissolves in boiled water.
Kept away from moisture in a closed container
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Stomach Care Tablet

starfish, mongolian milkvetch root, largehead atractylodes rhizome, dried ginger, oyster shell, etc.

Totify the stomach and stop the pain
Spleen-stomach vacuity, stomachache due to stomach vacuity cold, abundance of dastric acid, gastric and duodenal ulcer
Quantity: 36 tablets per bottle, 0.3g per tablet
Dosage: 4 to 6 tablets, three times daily.
Precaution: Abstain from taking cold food, contraindiction in pragnancy

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Wei Kang Capsule

Action and indication:
Restrain the gastric acid, relieve the pain and stop the bleeding in the stomach, promote the regeneration of tissue. Used for treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, stomachache, gastrorrhagia and aboundance of gastric acid.No side effects.
Quantity: 24 capsules per package
Dosage: 4 capsules, three times daily
Price: US$5.89
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