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Yun'nan Bai Yao

Action and Indication:
Arrest hemorrhage, stanch bleeding, activate blood circulation, disperse blood clots, eliminate inflammation and swelling, expel pus and counteract toxin. It is a famous medicine in China for treating external wounds.
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Shenyang Red Medicine Plaster

Radix Notoginseng, Eupolyphaga seu Opisthoplatia, Carthami Flos.
Action and Indication:
Promote the blood circulation, dissipate the blood stasis, relieve pain and disperse swelling. Mainly used for treating traumatic injuries, blood stasis, swelling, arthralgia and myalgia.
Dosage: External usage only. Stick onto affected part. 4 or 6 times daily.
Precaution: Take precaution when using it to cut skin and allergic skin.
Storage: Keep in closed container.
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Qiying Neixiao Plaster

Rhizoma Arisaematis, Pinelliae Tuber, Camphora, Rhizoma Rhei.
Action and Indication:
Promote the blood circulation and move qi, disperse swelling and relieve pain. Mainly for local injuries, pain and swelling, and distention.
Dosage: Stick to affected part. Change it one time daily.
Side effects: Local parts of skin may be itching, and papules may appear. Stop using the plaster, several days later they will disappear.
Precaution: Prohibited for hemorrhagic injuries, local skin damage and allergic skin. Contraindication in pregnancy and childhood.
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