Carapax Trionycis


The shell of Trionyx sinensis Wiegmann, family Trionychidae.

Shell ovate or elliptical, slightly protruding at the back, 10-15 cm long, 9-14 cm broad. Surface black-brown, with fine reticular marks and grey patches, and a back ridge in the middle; 9 shell pieces appearing on each of the two sides, jointed together with serrated fissures; inner surface whitish, with vertebral column in the middle and 8 pairs of ribs on two sides connected with the shell pieces extending beyond the margin of the shell. With a smell of fish. Salty in taste, slightly cold in nature; and attributive to liver and kidney channels.

1. Nourish yin and suppress the sthenic yang: For yin-deficiency with hyperactivity of asthenic fire manifested as hectic fever and night sweating; or for the late stage of febrile diseases with consumption of yin fluid manifested as night fever; or for convulsion of yin-deficiency type.
2. Soften and disperse the lumps: For abdominal mass; recently, used for hepatosplenomegaly.

Pharmacological Action
It contains colloid, keratin, iodine and vitamin D. It may inhibit the hyperplasia of connective tissue and enhance the function of plasma proteins.

Administration Decoction: 10-30g (decocted first).


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