The body (removed off internal organs) of Gekko gecko L., family Gekkonkiae.

The body consisting of head, neck, trunk, limbs and tail. Prepared by opening the abdomen, holding open with bamboo pieces, limbs and tail out stretched. The whole body 15-35 cm long, light grey and spotted. Head somewhat triangular; small and horomorphic teeth TF present inside the mouth, large teeth absent. The trunk covered with round granular scales and several longitudinal rows of large tuberculate scales on the back; scales on the ventral side somewhat square. Each limb presenting 5 toes with webs and petaloid suckers on the ventral side. Tail shorter than the body, appearing as articuliform coccygeal vertebrae with seven silver-grey clitella. Salty in taste, slightly warm in nature, and attributive to lung and kidney channels.

Invigorate the lung and kidney, improve inspiration and relieve dyspnea: For deficiency of the lung and kidney with cough and dyspnea; consumptive disease with cough and hemoptysis; kidney-deficiency with impotence and frequent micturition.

Administration Decoction:
3-9g. Powder or pill: 1.0-1.5g bid or tid.


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