Radix Ophiopogonis


The root tuber of Ophiopogon japonicus (Thunb.) Ker-Gawl., family Liliaceae.

Root tuber cambiform, 1.5-3.0 cm long. Surface yellow-white, with fme and longitudinal wrinkles. Fracture surface semi-opaque, with broad cortex and narrow stele. Soft in texture. Sweet and slightly bitter in taste, slightly cold in nature, and attributive to heart, lung and stomach channels.

1. Nourish yin and moisturize the lung: For yin-deficiency with lung-dryness or impairment of the lung by dryness-heat manifested as dry cough with thick sputum, and dryness of the throat and mouth.
2. Nourish the stomach and promote the production of body fluid: For febrile diseases with consumption of body fluid manifested as thirst, dry throat, red tongue with little coating; for constipation due to dryness of intestine and consumption of fluid. Recently, also used for diabetes mellitus.
3. Nourish the heart and clear away heart-fire: For heat in the heart channel manifested as fever, vexation, palpitation, and insomnia; and insufficiency of heart-yin manifested as restlessness, palpitation and insomnia. Recently, also used for angina pectoris.

Pharmacological Action
1. Relieving leucopenia in mice induced by cyclophosphamide and radiation sickness in dogs.
2. Increasing anoxia tolerance in experimental animals under atmospheric pressure.
3. Increasing coronary flow and improving myocardial c6ntractility in guinea-pigs.
4. Decreasing the level of blood sugar.

Administration Decoction: 6-12g; 10-15g tid for angina pectoris.


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