Fructus Lycii


Fruit of Lycium barbarum L., family Solanaceae.

Fruit nearly cambiform, 6-18 mm long. Carpodermis red, wrinkled, soft, smooth and sticky, containing many flat reniform seeds. Sweet in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to liver and kidney channels.

Nourish yin, enrich blood, benefit essence and improve visual acuity: For deficiency of liver-yin and kidney-yin and insufficiency of essence and blood manifested as dizziness, blurring of vision, hypopsia, tinnitus, emission and soreness of the loin and extremities; also for diabetes.

Pharmacological Action
It contains vitamins C, B1 and B2, carotene, nicotinic acid, B-sitostero1 and betaine, and can relieve the liver damage induced by CCl4 in mice.

Administration Decoction: 6-15g.


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