Resina Garciniae


The resin of Garcinia morelta Desr., family Guttiferae.

The sample appearing as tubular or irregular masses, red-yellow to orange-brown; surface with yellow-green powder and longitudinal striae. Fragile in texture. Section shell-shaped, or with cavea, and waxy luster. Becoming yellow and milky when ground with water. Inflammable. Sour and astringent in taste, toxic, and attributive to liver and stomach channels.

Eliminate toxic material, promote pus drainage and remove blood stasis: Extemal use for carbuncle, pyogenic infection of skin, ulcera tive gingivitis and dental caries. Recently, also for carcinoma of breast, cervix and pancreas and malignant lymphoma.

Pharmacological Action
1. Morellic acid, one of its components, inhibits Ehrljch-Ascites tumour and sarcoma180.
2. Inhibiting BEL-7402 species of hepatic cancer cells and HeLa cells in vitro.
3. Increasing white blood cells and promoting its phagocytosis during the treatment of cancer in experimental animals.

Tablet: 60-90mg tid.
Ampoule: 100-200mg added in normal saline 20 ml IV.
5% ointment: For external use.

Diarrhea, dizziness, thirst, sweating and dryness of nasal cavity may occur after oral use. Local pain and phlebitis may occur at the site of injection.


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