Herba Crotalariae


The whole plant of Crotalaria sessiliflora L., family Leguminoscie.

A hispid herb. Leaves alternate, linear-lanceolate; the stipule setaceous. Raceme terminal and axillary, with two labiated calyx, corolla papilionaceous and purple. Legume short; terete, swelling, nutant, with persistent calyx. Bland in taste, mild in nature, toxic, and attributive to liver and lung channels.

1. Clear away toxic material and anticarcinogenic: For carcinoma of skin and cervix.
2. Relieve cough and dyspnea.

Pharmacological Action
1. Monocrotaline is an anticarcinogenic component which inhibits the synthesis of DNA and RNA.
2. Its extract relieves cough and dyspnea.
3. The metabolite of monocrotaline in liver has the toxic effect similar to alkylating agents, which impairs the digestive tract, liver, kidney and hematopoietic system.

Administration Decoction:
30-40g of herb for cough and dyspnea.
Monocrotaline powder: Local application for carcinoma of skin and cervix.
Monocrotaline ampoule (2 ml containing 50mg): 1 ampoule injected to the base of the tumour daily, 15 days as 1 course, the second course may be continued after 3-5 days interval.
Monocrotaline suppository: 50mg as one piece as cervical suppository daily for carcinoma of cervix.


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