The sporophore of Hencuim erinaceus (Bull. ex Fr.) Pers. family Hydnaeeae.

The sporophore appearing as monkey-head like, fleshy pieces, densely covered with long-conical drooping fleshy thorns. White in colour when fresh, and brownish when dried. Sweet in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to spleen, stomach and liver channels.

Benefit vital energy, invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach: For hypofunction of the spleen and stomach, peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis. Recently, also used for the cancers of esophagus, stomach and intestines.

Pharmacological Action
It contains polysaccharide and polypeptide mainly.
1. Inhibiting synthesis of DNA and RNA in cancer cells.
2. Inhibiting sarcoma180 and Ehrlich-Ascites tumor in vitro.

Administration Decoction:
10-30g of dried sample or 30-100g fresh herb.
Tablet (containing 0.25g of extract equivalent to 1 g of fresh herb): 3-4 tablets tid.


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