Pedicellus Melo


The carpopodium of Cucumis melo L., family Cucurbitaceae.

Fruit stalk slender, twisted, yellow-green, enlarged at one end, with longitudinal ridges and outward curved margin. Bitter in taste, cold in nature, strongly toxic, and attributive. to liver and stomach channels.

1. Remove lumps, eliminate fluid and relieve jaundice: For acute and chronic viral hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer.
2. Emetic: For accumulation of phlegm, epilepsy due to wind-phlegm, persistent dyspepsia, etc.

Pharmacological Action
1. Cucurbitacin B and E can relieve the liver damage induced by carbon tetrachioride in experimental animals.
2. Promoting body immunity.
3. Cucurbitacins are anticancerigenic for nasopharyngeal and cervical carcinoma.
4. Irritative to the digestive tract, and causing vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or even hemorrhage after oral administration.

Administration Decoction:
0.5- 1.0g. Powder: 0.5-1.0g.
Cucurbitacin BE tablet (containing 0.1mg): 0.1-0.2mg tid for hepatitis and cirrhosis; 0.1-0.2mg gradually increase to 0.5-0.6mg tid for liver cancer.


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