Herba Sophorae


The whole plant of Sophora alopecuro ides L., family Leguminosae.

A shrub. leaves odd-pinnate compound, alternate; leaflet 15-25, oblong-lanceolate. Raceme terminal; corolla papilionaceous and yellow. legume catenulate, with 6-12 seeds. Besides corolla, the whole plant covered by grey-white hairs. Bitter in taste, cold in nature, toxic, attributive to lung and liver channels.

1. Clear away heat and toxic material, deprive dampness and kill parasites: For sorethroat, dysentery, trichomonas enteritis, toothache, stomachache, and leucorrhagia; external use for tinea and eczema.
2. Relieve dyspnea and cough.
3. Anticarcinogenic: For malignant hydatidiform mole, chorionic epithelioma and leukemia.

Pharmacological Action
Sophocarpine, matrine and aloperine are active components.
1. Aloperine inhibits exLidative inflammation and hemolysis of red blood cells.
2. Its decoction or sophocarpine relieves asthma in guinea-pigs induced by acetylcholine and histamine.
3. Sophocarpine or matrine inhibits sarcoma180 in vitro.

Administration Decoction:
9-18g of root or herb; 3g of seed or as powder.
Sophocarpine ampoule: 0.2-0.4g added in glucose solution IV for drips daily, 10 days as 1 course, continuing for 2 months with a 5-day interval between two courses for tumor.


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