Herba Lysimachiae


The whole plant of Lysimachia Clethro ides Duby and L. fortunel Maxim., family Primulaceae.

A herb, erect, less branching. Stem sometimes with black glandular punctate. Leaves alternate, ovate-elliptical or lanceolate. Raceme terminal Corolla white, dense or sparse. Capsule globular. Bitter and astringent in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to liver and stomach channels.

Eliminate phlegm, disperse the lumps, clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and alleviate pain: For thyroid adenoma, thyroid cancer, tumour of digestive tract, cancer of cervix and liver, lymphosarcoma, filarial lymphangitis, scrofula, carbuncle, sorethroat, leucorrhagia, dysentery, trauma, rheumatism, amenorrhea, menalgia, etc.

Pharmacological Action
Its flavones inhibiting various kind of sarcoma in animals and leukemia61 in mice.

Administration Decoction:
10-30g; 20-30g for tumour.


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