Herba Scutellariae Barbatae


Herb of Scutellana barbata D. Don, family Labiatae.

A herb. Stem square. leaves opposite, triangular-ovate. Flower multiflorous, growing from the leaf axilla at the upper part of the branch to form a racemose shaped and unilaterally deviated like a tooth-brush; sepal enlarged when fruiting; corolla labiate, blue-purple. Slightly b itter in taste, cool in nature, and attributive to liver, lung and stomach channelL

1. Clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circul~ tion and remove blood stasis: For carbuncle, cellulitis, acute appendicitis, scorfula, snake bite, trauma and abdominal mass. Recently, usually applied for liver cancer, and also tumour of digestive tract, carcinoma of lung, cervix and breast, etc.
2. Clear away dampness-heat: For jaundice of dampnes~heat type, ascites, edema, leucorrhea of dampness-heat type and dysentery.
3. Eliminate the phlegm, relieve cough and dyspnea: For cough of lung-heat type with profuse expectoration and dyspnea.

Pharmacological Action
1. Inhibiting sarcoma180, cervix carcinoma14 and brain tumour22 in mice.
2. Its alcoholic extract can relax bronchiospasm, and carthamidin counteract the spasm of smooth muscles induced by histamine.
3. Expectorant and antitussive.
4. Diuretic.

Administration Decoction:
15-30g; 30-100g for tumour, particularly for liver cancer.


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