Semen Arecae


Seed ofAreca catechu L., family Palmae.

Seed semi-spherical, 1.5-3.5 cm long, base 1.5-3.0 cm in diameter. Surface of spermoderm grey-yellow to red-brown, with reticular grooves; base depressed a prominent hilum visible on the lateral margin. Hard in texture. Prepared as slices, the section showing curved patterns brown alternating with white. Bitter and acrid in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to stomach and large intestine channels.

1. Kill parasite: For taeniasis, especially taeniasis suis, usually used with Semen Cucurbitae together; also for fasciolopsiasis, ascariasis, trichuriasis, oxyuriasis and ancylostomiasis.
2. Activate circulation of vital energy and relieve dyspepsia: For dyspepsia with abdominal distension and constipation, and dysentery with tenesmus.
3. Promote diuresis: For wet beriberi and edema. In addition, also for glaucoma and for reducing the emetic action of Radix Dichroae.

Pharmacological Action
1. As a neurotoxin for tapeworms.
2. Arecaidine hydrobromide for eyedrop cause miosis.
3. Accelerating the secretion of digestive juices and promoting appetite.

Administration Decoction:
6-15g; 60-100g for taeniasis, fasciolopsiasis, and trichuriasis.
Eyedrops: 200% solution for glaucoma.

Over dosage of arecoline may cause salivation, vomiting, lethargy and convulsion.


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