Herba Artemisiae Annuae


Herb of Artemisia annua L., family Compositae.

A herb, 30-80 cm tall. Stem terete, multibranched, yellow-green, longitudinally striate. Leaves alternate, tripinnately divided, lobes broadly linear, pubescent on both sides. Numerous small capitulum forming large panicle; capitulum 2 mm in diameter, yellow-green, aromatic in odour. Bitter in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to lung and gallbladder channels.

1. Prevent recurrence of malaria: For various types of malaria, especially malignant malaria and those resistant to chloroquine.
2. Lower asthenic fever: For the late stage of seasonal febrile diseases when the heat enters yingfen manifested as night fever, defervescence without sweating, or continuous low fever, hectic fever due to yin-deficiency.
3. Clear away heat and summer-heat: For summer-heat syndrome manifested as fever without sweating.
4. Eliminate phlegm, relieve cough and dyspnea: For chronic bronchitis. Recently, also used for lupus erythematosus discoides and planus lichen of buccal cavity.

Pharmacological Action
1. Artemisinine from its volatile oil is an effective antimalarial agent on mice, monkey, chicken and human malaria. The malarial parasite will disappear in blood after oral administration of 100mg/kg for 3 days in mice and 200mg/kg for 2-3 days in monkey. The therapeutic effect of artemisinine is similar to that of chloroquine.
2. Antipyretic.

Administration Decoction:
Generally 3-9g (decocted only for a short time); 120g of fresh herb as juice or 60g dry herb as instant granule for malaria.
Ampoule (2 ml containing 100 mg of volatile oil): 200 mg IM stat, 100-200 mg IM 6-8 hours later and in the second and third day for malaria.
Tablet (containing 100 mg of artemisinine): Same dosage as volatile oil for malaria, of 300 mg and gradually increase to 40O-600 mg daily for lupus erythematosus.
Bolus (containing 3g of crude herb ): 4-6 boluses daily for 3 months for lupus erythematosus discoides.


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