The hexagonal system cinnabar ore, mainly containing hydrargyrum sulfide.

The sample appearing as irregular pieces or granules, varying in size, or prepared as powder; bright red or dull red, lustrous. Heavy in weight and brittle, easily broken. Sweet in taste slightly cold in nature, toxic, and attributive to heart channel.

1. Clear away heart-fire and tranquilize the mind: For hyperactivity of heart-fire manifested as irritability, feeling of oppression over the chest, and insomnia; for palpitation due to heart-deficiency, may be cooked with pig's heart; for epilepsy, insanity and mania used with Magnetitum together.
2. Extenral use for detoxifying and antiseptic: For skin infection, used topically with Realgar fogether; for sorethroat and aphthae, used together with Natni Sulfas, Borneolum Syntheticum and Borax. In addition, used as preservative for the coating of pills.

Pharmacological Action
1. Sedative and hypnotic.
2. External application exerts bacteriocidal and parasiticidal effects.

Administration Decoction:
0.3-1.0g; or prepared as pill or powder.

Preparing by direct fire is prohibited.


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