The red iron ore of trigonal system ferric trioxide as the chief component.

Irregular flat pieces, unequal in size, brown-red or iron green, covered with little brown-red powder, lustrous, with numerous round protuberances on one side and depressions of similar size on the other side opposite to the round protuberances. Broken surface appearing in layers, each of which waved by the depression and protuberance. Sweet and bland in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to liver and heart channels.

1. Calm the liver and suppress the sthenic yang: For sthenia of liver-yang manifested as irritability, headache, dizziness and insomnia.
2. Tranquilize the mind and relieve spasm: For restlessness, palpitation, frightening, insanity and epilepsy.
3. Descend the adverse-rising energy: For adverse-rising of stomach-energy manifested as vomiting, hiccup, belching and dysphagia; for adverse-rising of lung-energy with rapid respiration; for asthenia of both lung and kidney with shortness of breath, used together with Fructus Corni and Semen Juglandis.
4. Cool the blood and stop bleeding: For blood-heat syndrome manifested as hematemesis, hemoptysis, epistaxis and metrorrhagia.

Pharmacological Action
1. Exciting the small intestine of guinea-pigs in vitro.
2. Large dosage inhibits the frog's heart in vitro.

Administration Decoction:
10-30g (crushed and decocted first).
Powder: 3g tid for 2-3 months, for infantile epilepsy.


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