Ramulus Uncariae cum Uncis


The hooked vine of Uncaria rhyndzophylla (Miq.) Jack~, U macrophylia Wall., and U hirsuta Havil., family Rubiaceae.

Vine terete or square-columnar, with single or two downward opposite hooks growing on the node, 1.0-2.5 cm in width. Surface red-brown to purple red and smooth, or yellow-green to grey-brown and covered with yellow-brown down. Hooks flat or rounded, with acute apex and broad base. Sweet in taste, slightly cold in nature and attributive to liver, heart and pericardium channels.

1. Clear away and calm the liver, expel wind and relieve spasm: For heat syndrome with convulsion, especially infantile convulsion; for hyperactivity or wind-transformation of liver-yang with dizziness, headache, restlessness, and numbness, tremor and spasm of extremities; for serious liver-fire syndrome manifested as epilepsy and insanity,used together with Lumbricus and Cornu Saigae Tataricae.
2. Clear away liver-fire and improve visual acuity: For liver-heat syndrome with conjunctivitis and headache.
3. Expel wind and clear away heat: For wind-heat affection with fever, headache and conjunctival congestion, prurigo of wind-heat type.
4. Lower blood pressure: For hypertension, especially that attributive to hyperactivity of liver-yang.

Pharmacological Action
1. Its decoction lowers blood pressure in anesthetized or unanesthetized animals.
2. Intraperitoneal injection of its decoction (0.1g/kg) exerts sedative effect in mice.
3. Hypodermic injection of its alcoholic infusion (2g/kg) exerts an antiepileptic effect in guinea-pigs.
4. Antispasmodic.

Administration Decoction: 10-15g (decocted later).

Its active components will be destroyed and the therapeutic effect reduced after prolonged boiling.


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