Concha Margaritifera Usta


The calcined shell of Hyriopsis cumingii (Lea), family Unionidae or Pinctada martensii Dunker, family Pteriidae.

Irregular pieces of various size. Surface jade-white, reddish or yellowish green and bright; thin pieces translucent, the convex surface with fine lamellar lines, some with small pores; the concave surface fine and smooth. Hard in texture, separable in layer when broken into small pieces. Sweet and salty in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to liver and heart channels.

1. Calm the liver, benefit yin and suppress the sthenic yang: For deficiency of yin leading to hyperactivity of yang or sthenia of liver-yang manifested as dizziness, headache, tinnitus, irritability and
2. Clear away liver-fire to improve visual acuity: For conjunctivitis of liver-heat type, night blindness, blurring of vision due to liver-deficiency and nebula. Recently, both oral administration and eye ointment are used for cataract, nebula and keratoleukoma.
3. Antacid, analgesic and hemostatic: For peptic ulcer.
4. Tranquilize the mind: For palpitation, insomnia, amnesia and dementia. Recently used for neurasthenia, mental retardation, infantile oligophrenia.
5. Deprive dampness and astringe (external use): For eczema, exudative prurigo. In addition, also used for acute and chronic infectious hepatitis.

Pharmacological Action
1. Its hydrolysate decreases the intestinal tone in vitro and also exerts a transient diuretic effect in rabbits.
2. Promotes the healing of wound in experimental animals.

Administration Decoction: 15-30g (crushed and decocted first). Powder: 2-3g tid.
External use: Appropriate amount.


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