The whole body of Buthus martensii Karsch, family Buthidae.

The whole body composed of head, thorax, anterior and posterior abdomen, about 6 cm long, brown in colour. Head, thorax and anterior abdomen flat-elliptical, posterior abdomen appearing as a long-shaped. A pair of chelae and a pair of long large chelicerae growing at the front of the head and thorax, and four pairs of segmental cheliped at the anterior abdomen. Seven segments appearing at the anterior abdomen and six at the posterior abdomen, with a sharp hooked spine at the last segment which can release poison. Sweet and acrid in taste, mild in nature, toxic, and attributive to liver channel.

1. Expel wind and relieve spasm: For tetanus, acute and chronic infantile convulsion, apoplexy, with distortion of the face, usually used together with Scolopendra (Powder for Spasmolysis); for heat-syndrome with convulsion, used together with Lumbricus and Ramulus Uncaricie cum Uncis.
2. Dredge the meridian and alleviate pain: For headache of head-wind or blood-stasis type, rheumatism, etc.
3. Remove toxic material and disperse the lumps: For skin infection, scrofula and subcutaneous nodes.

Pharmacological Action
1. Anti-convulsive and sedative.
2. Exerting significant and prolonged hypotensive effect.
3. Buthotoxin can induce respiratory paralysis, salivation and convulsion.

Administration Decoction:
2-5g. Powder: 0.6-1.0g bid or tid.


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