Calculus Bovis


The gallbladder stone of Bos taurus domesticus Gmeljn (natural bezoar), or preparation derived from the gall of cow and pig (artificial bezoar).

Natural bezoar: The sample appearing as ovate, nearly globular or irregular small pieces, about 0.6-3.3 cm 'in size, golden-yellow or brown-yellow, fine and lustrous, some with cracks and spots, sometimes covered with a layer of thin bright dark membrane. Light in weight, loose and brittle in texture, easily to be broken. Section showing overlapping concentric rings. Feeling cool when tasted. Artificial bezoar: Appearing as yellowish-brown powder, or prepared as nearly globular or square pieces. Section showing no concentric rings, and no cool feeling when tasted. Both are aromatic in odour. Bitter and sweet in taste, cool in nature, and attributive to liver and heart channels.

Clear away heat and toxic material, eliminate phlegm and wake the unconscious patient, expel wind and relieve spasm: For seasonal febrile diseases with high fever and convulsion, or with coma, delirium, lockjaw, abundant expectoration, red tongue, yellowish and greasy fur; for infantile convulsion, epilepsy and apoplexy; also for stagnation of heat-toxin manifested as sorethroat, skin infection and erosion, subcutaneous nodule, scrofula and breast carcinoma.

Pharmacological Action
1. Oral administration lowers experimental fever in guinea-pigs (200mg/kg). and in rats (300mg/kg).
2. Oral intake in a dosage of 600mg/kg/day for 6 days exerts an anticonvulsive effect.
3. Increasing biliary secretion.
4. Lowering blood pressure in rats with renal hypertension.

Administration Pill or Powder:
External use: Appropriate amount.


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