The secretion in the musk sac of the adult male Moschus berezovskii Fierov, M. sifanicus Przewalski or M. moschzferus L., family Cen'idae. The whole musk sac taken down and dried is named as crude moschus; those with the sac coat removed as moschus nucleus.

Crude Moschus: appearrng as spheroidal saccate bodies, 3-7 cm in diameter, 2-4 cm thick. Svrface dark-brown to brown-purple, with an opening surrounded by short hairs on one side and muscular fiber on the other side. Sac coat membranous and slightly elastic. Moschus Nucleus: appearing as irregular granules, masses or powder, purple-dark or yellow-brown, mixed with some sac membrances or hairs. Both are soft in texture, smooth and bright and strongly fragrant. Acrid in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to heart spleen channels.

1. Wake the patient from unconsciousness: For coma of cold type, used together with Storax and Benzoinum ( Bolus of Storay); for that of heat type, used together with Cornu Rhinocerotis and Borneolum Syntheticum (Bolus of Precious Drugs).
2. Promote the circulation of vital energy and blood, disperse lumps and alleviate pain: For angina pectoris due to stagnation of vital energy and blood, skin infection, amenorrhea due to blood stasis, abdominal mass, trauma, pain of the extremities and abdominal pain due to stagnation of vital energy.
3. Induce uterine contraction: For dead fetus and retention of placenta.

Pharmacological Action
1. Small dose exerts an exciting effect and large dose a depressing effect on central nervous system.
2. Its infusion decreases the permeability of blood vessels in experimental mice; its effect is three times stronger than that of rutin.
3. Increasing myocardial contractility without effect on the heart rate or coronary flow.
4. Its 5% alcoholic infusion stimulates the gravid and ungravid uterus in experimental animals in vivo and in vitro.

Administration Pill and powder:
0.1-0.15g; or sublingual use or aerosol inhalation for angina pectoris.

Contraindicated for pregnant women.


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