The resin obtained from the bark of Liquidambar orientalis Mill., family Hamamelidaceae.

Resin appearing as a thick, grey to grey-brown, semi-opaque fluid. Fine smooth and gelatinous in texture, heavier than water. Aromatic in odour. Acrid and sweet in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to heart and spleen channels.

Wake the patient from unconsciousness, eliminate filth, relieve stagnation and eliminate phlegm: For coma of sthenic type, especially those due to cold or stagnation of phlegm, for angina pectoris, used together with Borneolum Syntheticum: for distention and cold pain of the chest and abdomen, used together with Flos Caryophylli and Fructus Piperis Nigri.

Pharmacological Action
1. Expectorant and antibacterial, applicable to various kinds of respiratory infections.
2. Locally anti-inflammatory.
3. Promoting the healing of ulcer and wound.

Administration Pill or powder: 0.3-1.0g.


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