The branch and leaf of Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presi, family Lauraceae. Prepared by distillation.

Granular crystals or pieces of varying size, semi-opaque, white, lusterless. Delicately aromatic in odour. Acrid in taste, warm in nature, toxic, and attributive to heart channel.

1. Eliminate filth and turbid substance, and wake the patient from unconsciousness: For coma of sthenic type, especially those due to affection of filthy and turbid substance.
2. Eliminate dampness, kill parasite, relieve swelling and alleviate pain: External use for scabies, tinea, skin infection, prurigo, trauma, toothache; oral use for vomiting and diarrhea of cold-dampness type, chest pain, abdominal pain of stomach-cold origin, dyspepsia with abdominal distending pain.

Pharmacological Action
1. Local application to the skin exerts a mild local anesthetic effect.
2. Oral use in small amount produces a feeling of warmth and comfort in the stomach, while in large dose causes irritating and leads to nausea and vomiting.
3. Stimulating the central nervous system, and also non-selectively the respiration. Large dose may cause convulsion.

Administration Pill or powder: 0.03-0.06g.
External use: Appropriate amount

Contraindicated for pregnant women and those with deficiency of vital energy and deficiency of yin.


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