Flos Inulae


The capitulum of Inuki japonica Thunb., family Compositae.

Inflorescence semi-spherical, about 1 cm in diameter; with 5 verticils of involucre at the lower part and covered by white hairs. Flowers yellow, ray flowers liguliform in 1-2 layers, central flowers tubular and numerous Achene oblong, numerous, covered with reddish or greyish white coronules. Salty in taste, warm in nature, slightly toxic, and attributive to lung and stomach channels.

1. Eliminate phlegm, promote diuresis and open the inhibited lung-energy: For phlegm-retention or phlegm-dampness syndrome with productive cough and difficulty in expectoration, or chronic phlegm-syndrome with cough, thick expectoration, chest upset and dyspnea, or dyspneic cough of wind-cold type, especially those with dysufla; also for ascites.
2. Decend the adverse rising of stomach-energy and relieve vomiting and eructation: For phlegm-dampness syndrome with vomiting and belching, usually used together with Haematitum and Rhizoma Ftnellwe. In addition, single use of its decoction is applicable to acute lumber sprain.

Pharmacological Action
1. Its alcoholic extract is a diuretic in experimental rabbits.
2. The decoction inhibits the growth of Staphylocoecus aureus and pneumococcus in vitro.

Administration Decoction: 3-9g.


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