Concha Cyclinae


The shell of Cyclina sinensis Gmelin and Meretrix meretrix L family Venerkiae.

Shell circular or flabellate, 3-5 cm long and high, with a protruding top; outer surface yellow-white or brown red, with arc growth lines; inner surface milky-white to reddish, smooth. Prepared as white powder. Salty in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to lung and stomach channels.

1. Clear away lung-heat and eliminate phlegm: For cough of lung-heat type with thick and abundant expectoration and dyspnea.
2. Soften and disperse the lumps: For subcutaneous nodule, scrofula and goiter.
3. Promote diuresis and reduce edema: For edema due to retention of fluid and dysuria.
4. Antacid and analgesic: For stomachache and acid regurgitation.
5. Healing the wound (external use): For unhealing wound and skin ulcer.

Administration Decoction
9-15g (crushed).
Powder: I-3g bid or tid.


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