Polyporus Umbellatus


The scierotium of Polyporus umbeltatus (Pers.) Fries, family Polyporaceae.

The sample appearing as irregular tuberculate masses with a dark brown cortex. Prepared as pieces, striped or round masses, yellow-white or yellow-brown in colour. Fine in texture. Sweet and bland in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to kidney and urinary bladder channels.

1. Promote diuresis to eliminate dampness from the lowerjiao: For dampness-retention syndrome, such as edema, dysuria, leucorrhagia and jaundice; stranguria caused by dampness (such as urinary stone, chyluria and those of heat type). Decoction of Polyporus Umbelkitus (composed of Polyporus Umbellatus, Pona, Rhizoma Alismatis, Talcum and Colki cbrii Asini) is used for urinary stone. The polysaccharide of Polyporus Umbellatus may be used for chronic hepatitis and for turning HBsAg to negative.
2. Antitumorigenesis: Injection of its polysaccharide may be used together with chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancers of the lung and liver and acute leukemia.

Pharmacology Action
1. Its polysaccharide inhibits sarcoma180 and hepatic carcinoma in mice.
2. Its decoction promotes macrophage phagocytosis and enhances lymphocyte-blastogenesis rate.
3. Diuretic.

Administration Decoction:
Ampoule (containing its polysaccharide): 40mg IM once or twice daily.


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