Herba Lysimachiae


The whole plant of Lysimachia chnstinae Hance, family Primukiceae.

A herb. Stems creeping, purple red, with fibrous roots on the nodes. leaves opposite, cordate-ovate, midrib noticeable. Flower solitary and axillary; corolla 5-lobed, yellow. Punctate-striped black gland seen on leaves, flowers and fruits through thelight after soaked in water. Sweet and bland in taste, slightly cold in nature, and attributive to liver, gallbladder, kidney and urinary bladder channels.

1. Eliminate dampness and relieve jaundice: For jaundice of dampness-heat type. Recently used commonly for cholelithiasis and infectious hepatitis.
2. Promote diuresis and relieve stranguria: For stranguria of heat-type, urinary stone, and edema.
3. Clear away toxic material and relieve swelling: For skin infection.

Pharmacological Action
Increasing biliary secretioii;

Administration Decoction: 20-40g.


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