Semen Abutili


Seed of Abutilon theophrasti Medic., family Malvaceae.

Seed Triangular-reniform, surface greydark, covered by white sparse hairs, with hilum at the concave side, and radial lines around. Bitter in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to large and small intestine and urinary bladder channels.

1. Promote diuresis and relieve stranguria: For stranguria caused by urinary stone and that of heat type, and edema.
2. Lactofuging and induce abortion: For galactostasis and dead fetus.
3. Lubricate the intestine to relax the bowels: For constipation due to intestinal dryness.

Pharmacological Action
Its fatty oil is a purgative.

Administration Decoction:
10-15g (crushed before boiling).


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