Radix Aristolochiae Fangchi


Root of Aristolochia fangchi Y.C. Wu ex I~. I)~Chow et S.M. Hwang, family Aristotochiaceae.

Root terete or semiterete, 1.0-3.5cm in diameter, somewhat curved, with transverse constrictions; cork grey-brown, thick, with longitudinal cracks. Prepared by crosscutting, section; showing thin epidermis, xylem in radial arrangement formed by white farinaceous radial lines and brownish vessels. Acrid and bitter in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to lung, spleen and urinary bladder channels.

Expel wind and clear away heat, promote diuresis and relieve edema: For arthralgia of wind-dampness type, acrodynia of dampness-heat type, edema and dysuria.

Administration Decoction: 6-12g.


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