Radix Tripterygii Wiffordii


The whole plant of Triptergium wilfordil Hook. f., family Celastraceae.

A woody vine. Endoderrnis of the root orange-yellow. Branchlets with 4-6 angles, red-brown, with numerous tubercular lenticels, and covered with rusty hairs. Leaves alternate, elliptical, 4-7 cm long, dorsal surface covered with rusty hairs; margin serrulate. Cyme terminal and axillary; flowers small and white. Samara membranous and yellow-brown. Bitter in taste, strongly toxic.

Expel wind-dampness, relieve swelling and alleviate pain, dredge the meridian passage: For arthralgia of wind-dampness type, especially rheumatoid arthritis; also for lupus erythematosus, glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, subacute and chronic hepatitis and various kinds of skin diseases, such as vasculitis, erythema multiforme, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, Behcet's syndrome, recurrent aphthae, etc.

Pharmacological Action
1. The decoction of its root cortex lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and prolongs the P-R period in ECG.
2. Its active components, triptolide and tripdiolide (0.1mg/kg), inhibits leukemia1210 in mice.
3. Its alkaloids inhibit the experimental arthritis in animals.
4. Its decoction promotes phagocytosis.

Administration Decoction: 6-20g.
Tablet (total glycoside 10mg): 30mg tid or qid., or 20-40 mg (total terpene) tid.


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