Folium Clerodendri Trichotomi


Leaf of clerodendrum trichotomum Thunb., family Verbenaceae.

Leaves opposite, broad-ovate to elliptical, downy; blades usually shrunk and curled up; petioles 2-8 cm long, with longitudinal grooves, and densely covered by down. Bitter and sweet in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to liver, gallbladder and lung channels.

1. Expel wind-dampness and relieve pain: For rheumatism, apoplexy complicated by hemiplegia, and migraine, used singly or together with Herba Siegesbeckiae; also for prurigo of dampness-heat type and carbuncle.
2.Lower blood pressure: For hypertension, used singly or together with Lum bricus.
3. Antimalarial.
4. Eliminate sputum, relieve cough and dyspnea: For chronic bronchitis.

Pharmacological Action
Clerodendronin A and B are the chief active cornponents.
1. Oral administration or intramuscular injection of its decoction exerts a hypotensive effect which may be attributable to the dilatation of blood vessels and the blockage of vegetative ganglia.
2. Combined use of this drug and Herba Siegesbeckiae is inhibitory on the experimental arthritis, but no such effrct is observed when they are used individually.
3. Clerodendrornn A or B is a sedative and analgesic respectively.

Administration Decoction:
Tablet (containing clerodendronin A 30mg): 30mg bid or tid for hypertension, followed by 30-60mg qd after the blood pressure becomes normal


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