Rhizoma Cibotii


The rhizome of Cibotium barometz (L,.) J.Sm., family Dicksoniaceae.

Rhizome irregular in breadth and length, 30 cm at the longest. The fresh one densely covered by long golden hairs, with several remnant petioles at the upper part and fibrous roots at the lower part. Prepared as oblong pieces after the hairs and rootlets removed, section appearing yellow, 5-8 cm in diameter; a ring of hard protruding endodermis appearing near the cortex. Homogenous and somewhat farinaceous in texture, bitter and sweet in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to liver and kidney channels.

Tonify the liver and kidney, strengthen the bones and muscles, expel wind-dampness and ease the joint: For deficiency of liver and kidney manifested as chronic rheumatism, backache, flaccidity and immovability of lower extremities, frequent micturition, enuresis or leucorrhagia.

Administration Decoction: 10-15g.


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