Caulis Erycibes


The old vine of Erycibe obtusifolia Benth., family Convolvulaceae.

Vine long-terete, 1-4 cm in diameter. Cork grey-brown, coarse, with irregular cracks and tuberculate lenticels; cork of the old vine often peeling off. Prepared by obliquely cutting, heteromorphic vascular bundles irregulary arranged with visible vessel openings; pith obvious or not. Acrid in taste, warm in nature, slightly toxic, and attributive to liver and stomach channels.

1. Expel wind-dampness and alleviate pain: For arthralgia, lumbago and pain of lower extremities, trauma, and abdominal pain.
2. Induce miosis: External use for primary glaucoma.

Pharmacological Action
1. Scopoletin exerts an antiphlogistic effect in experimental animals.
2. The miotic effect of 0.01% erycibes A is similar to that of 2% pilocapine.
3. Antipyretic.

Administration Decoction: 3-6g.


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