Radix Rubiae


Root of Rubia cordifolia L., family Rubiaceae.

Root slender, long-terete, 2-3 roots connected at the root-stock, or separated into a single root, 15-20 cm long, 0.5-1.0 cm in diameter. Surface reddish brown, xylem pink when the epidermis is peeling off. Prepared as short segments. Bitter in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to liver channel.

1. Cool the blood, promote blood circulation and stop bleeding: External use for bleeding caused by trauma, and after tooth extraction; internal use for various kinds of bleeding due to blood stasis and blood-heat, especially metrorrhagia.
2. Remove blood stasis and relieve pain: For traumatic pain, amenia, menalgia, postpartum retention of lochia, pain in the chest and hypochondria, etc. due to blood stasis. Recently also used for hepatosplenomegaly.
3. Relieve cough arid eliminate sputum: For productive cough. In addition, its extract (containing naphthoquinone) is used for leukopenia caused by radiation, chemicals and unknown causes.

Pharmacological Action
1. Hemostatic.
2. Bacteriostatic in vitro.
3. Antitussive and expectorant.

Administration Decoction: 9-15g; fresh herb for hemostasis.
External use: Appropriate amount.


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