Testa Arachidis Hypogaeae


The testa of Arachis hypogaea L., family Leguminosae.

The testa appearing as small thin slice, reddish to purple-red, with testa vascular bundles. Brittle in texture. Sweet and astnngent in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to lung, spleen and liver channels.

Stop bleeding by astringing bleeding and enrich blood: For various kinds of superficial and internal bleeding, such as hemoptysis, hematemesis, epistaxis, hemafecia, hematuria, traumatic bleeding and purpura; also for bleeding due to hemophilia, aplastic anemia and thrombopathy.

Pharmacological Action
Inhibiting fibrinolysis, promoting thrombocytopoiesis and shortening the bleeding time.

Administration Decoction:
Ampoule (injection of testa Arachidis Hypogaeae): 24 ml IM once or twice daily.


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