Herba Agrimoniae


Herb of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb., family Rosaceae.

A herb, about 1 meter tall, covered by white hairs. Stem round. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound; leaflet ovate, unequal in size, alternately arranged; margin serrate. Raceme terminal. Flowers small and yellow. Bitter and astringent in taste, slightly warm in nature and attributive to lung, spleen and liver channels.

1. Stop bleeding by astringing: For various kinds of bleeding, such as hematemesis, hemoptysis, epistaxis, hemafecia, metrorrhagia, etc.
2. Clear away toxic material and kill parasites: For skin infection, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery and malaria. Recently, usea for bacterial food poisoning, and trichomonas vaginitis (external use of concentrated decoction).

Pharmacological Action
1. Its active component agrimonine is a hemostatic.
2. Cardiotonic in experimental animals.
3. Trichomonacidal.

Administration Decoction: 9-15g.


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