Eupolyphaga seu Steleophaga


The whole body of Eupolyphaga sinensia Warker or Steleophaga ptancyi (Boleny), family Blattidae.

Eupolyphaga: Body flat-ovate 1.5-3.0 cm long. Body surface with chitin, yellow-brown, lustrous; head small, covered by thoracic dorsal shields, with a pair of incomplete antennae. Thoracic shield appearing in three segments, with three pairs of incomplete feet at the ventral side; ventral shield 9 segments. Steleophaga: Surface not lustrous, a round black patch on two sides of each thoracic and abdominal segment. Salty in taste, cold in nature, slightly toxic, and attributive to liver channel.

Remove blood stasis and heal fracture: For trauma, fracture, amenia and abdominal mass with blood stasis. Recently, also used for hepatosplenomegaly and extrauterine pregnancy.


Administration Decoction: 6-9g
Caution: Contraindicated for pregnant women.


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