Squama Manitis


The scales of Manis pentaaactyAz L, family Mandae. Fried with sand to yellow and expanded by soaking in the water, named as prepared pangolin scales.

Appearing as triangular pieces, fan-shaped or rhombic, thick in the middle, thin at the edges; 3-5 cm long and broad. Dorsal surface brown with radial growth lines: ventral surface pale, with a rhombic line in the middle, and longitudinal wrinkles at the posterior end. Salty in taste, cold in nature, and attributive to liver and stomach channels.

1. Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, disperse lumps, relieve carbuncle,drain pus, and open channels: For blood-stasis syndrome with amenia, dysmenorrhea, abdominal mass, subcutaneous nodule, scrofula, the early stage of the carbuncle, or unruptured abscess, or chmnic rheumatism with pain, spasm and stiffness of extremities.
2. Lactogenesis: For galactostasis, usually used with Semen Vaccariae together.

Pharmacological Action
Raising the level of white blood cells.

Administration Decoction: 3-9g.
Powder: 1.0-1.5g bid or tid.

Caution Should be prepared before use. Contraindicated for pregnant women and menorrhagia.


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