Concha Arcae


The shell of Arca granosa L., A. inftata Reeve, A. subcrenata Lischke, family Arcidae.

Shell fan-shaped, convex at the back, top protruding and involute, 3-9 cm long. Outer surface grey-yellow to white, with 20-50 striae spreading from the top toward the edge, protruding or smooth at the striae, glabrous or with residual hairs. Inner surface milky white and smooth. Prepared as fine powder for use. Sweet and salty in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to lung, stomach, liver and spleen channels.

1. Eliminate phlegm and remove blood stasis, soften hard lumps and dispetse nodes: For subcutaneous nodule, scrofula and abdominal mass.
2. Antacid and alleviate pain: For stomachache with hyperchlorhydria, used together with Radix Glycyrrhizae.

Administration Decoction:
9-30g (crushed before decocting).
Powder: 3-6g bid or tid.


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