Herba Eupatorii


The branch and leaf of Eupatorium fortunei Turcz., family Compositae.

A perennial herb, 30-80 cm high. Stem rounded, less branching, yellow-green, with fme and longitudihal striae. Leaves opposite, usually tri-cleft, margins serrate. Capitulum in corymbose arrangement, flowers purple. The commercial drugs with leaves wrinkled, stem cut into sections, flower rare. Acrid in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to spleen and stomach channels.

1. Eliminate dampness from the middle jiao: For dampness-retention syndrome involving the spleen and stomach with feeling of fullness and oppression in the chest and abdomen, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and feeling of sweetness and greasiness in the mouth.
2. Clear away summer-heat: For affection of exogenous summer-heat and dampness with chilliness, fever, fullness in the head and feeling of oppression in the chest.

Pharmacological Action
The active components, p-cymene and neryl acetate, inhibits the influenza viruses.

Administration Decoction: 3-10g (decocted later).


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