Cortex Cinnamomi


Bark of Cinnamomum cassia Presi, family Lauraceae.

Bark quilled or groove-shaped, 30-40 cm long, 3-10 cm broad, and 2-8 mm thick. Outer surface of the cortex grey-brown, somewhat coarse, with transverse long lenticels and grey-white lichen patches; inner surface yellow-brown, smooth, with fine longitudinal striae, oil trace presenting when cut with fingers. Fractured surface granular. Prepared as transverse, thick strips; section showing a row of broken ringed marks composed of yellow-white stone cells near the outer surface, the portion interior to the ringed marks deeper in colour and oleaginous. Aromatic in odour. Acrid and sweet in taste, extremely heat in nature, and attributive to kidney, spleen, heart and liver channels.

1. Warm and invigorate spleen-yang and kidney-yang: For insufficiency of kidney-yang with soreness and coldness of the loins and legs, impotence, emission, enuresis or frequent micturition, dysufla and edema; for inspirating failure due to kidney hypofunction with dyspnea; for deficiency of spleen-yang and kidney-yang with cold pain of the abdomen, poor appetite, loose stools, or lienteric diarrhea; for flaming-up of deficiency-fire with toothache.
2. Expel cold and alleviate pain: For lumbago of cold-dampness type, colic of cold type, dysmenorrhea and precordial pain due to stagnation of cold.
3. Promote the circulation of vital energy and blood: For insufficiency of vital energy and blood, usually used together with Radix Astragali seu Hedysari, Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, etc.

Pharmacological Action
Its volatile oil contains cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamic acid and cinnamyl acetate, can promote saliva secretion and digestion, and exert an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscles of intemal organs.

Administration Decoction: 1-3g, prepared as powder or thin pieces before decocting, only cooked for a short time.
Powder or Pill: 1.0-1.5g.


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