Herba Patriniae


Herb of Patrinia villosa Juss. or P. scabiosaefolia Fisch., family Valerianaceae.

Herb, over 1 meter tall. Rhizome with numerous stout roots. Basal leaves numerous, clustered, long-elliptical, with 1-4 pairs of pinnate lobes and winged petiole; stem leaves opposite, elliptical, entire; the leaves of P. scabiosaefolia pinnately lobed. The commodities usually without flowers, those with flowers are corymb, white or yellow. With a peculiar smell. Both are acrid and bitter in taste, cool in nature, and attributive to stomach, large intestine and liver channels.

1. Clear away heat and toxic material, relieve abscess and pr~ mote pus drainage: For acute appendicitis, pulmonary abscess and skin infection. Recently also for pancreatitis, tonsillitis; P. vilosa also used for influenza, while P scabiosaefolia for snake bite.
2. Remove blood stasis and alleviate pain: For postpartum abdominal pain and menorrhalgia due to blood stasis, chest pain, etc.
3. Tranquilizing: For vexation, insomnia, insanity.

Pharmacological Action
1. Two active components, patrinene and isopatrinene, possess sedative effect.
2. Promote regeneration of hepatic cells and portal circulation, protect hepatic cells from degeneration and improve hepatic function.

Administration Decoction: 9-30g up to 30-90g for single dose. Tablet (for tranquilizing): 2-3 tablets (each contains 1 g of crude drug) bid or tid.


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